Enteq Engineering

Systems Engineering the “Enteq way”

One of the main motivators for starting Enteq Ltd was to enable Martyn Cleland (MD) to develop a company which would be clearly driven by the needs and requirements of individual customers (the Enteq way). Having spent much of his career working for some of Aberdeen’s global players, Martyn saw the clear need to veer away from applying the usual ‘copy and paste ‘style to systems engineering solutions.

The Enteq way originates from the key attributes that Martyn possesses:

  • having a forensic attention to detail and,
  • the ability to decompose a problem into constituent parts.

It is these attributes that enable Enteq Ltd to define project boundaries and requirements with pinpoint accuracy, solve problems quickly, whilst reducing costs, and realising efficiencies. Isn’t it exactly these results which clients strive to achieve from any systems engineering project?

Enteq Ltd is the platform that enables Martyn to bring all of these elements together in a structured and meaningful way, and deliver them to the marketplace through his experience, values, and principles.

Developing the platform architecture to deliver these elements successfully is not an easy task. However, Martyn understands that they are critical to Enteq’s success.

To find out more, we decided to explore the “Enteq Way” in more detail, and what drives it.

The Enteq Way –

As a customer you might be thinking right now, “Customer Driven Solutions? Personalised Approach?” Really, these are just words, I have heard them all before – only to be let down by the usual ‘copy and paste ‘style.

So, why the “Enteq Way” and, how is it more than just words?

Who better to enlighten us than the man behind the platform, Martyn Cleland (MD).

“Enteq is all about Open and Transparent systems engineering, giving customers control of their projects from the inside not the outside.

We want to build lasting relationships with customers, and by integrating them into our approach at every step. We make this happen naturally, and progressively.

By decomposing a project into manageable steps, we make sure that everyone (client and Enteq together), are comfortable with the technical and financial decisions, including risks, before committing to any phases of a project.

For us, it is all about having control of the risks. The project must be viable for the customer and for Enteq”.

To shed light on that burning question all of you must be asking right now –how will Enteq approach our project? We decided to dig below the surface and examine the heart of the “Enteq Way”.

So, what did we find by delving deep into the mind of MD Martyn (Cleland) and recognising his forensic attention to detail? What is Enteq’s Way? Very simply it is:

A Systematic Approachtailored by Enteq Ltd’s team of “forensic engineering professionals” to suit the needs and requirements of “The Customer”!

Systems Engineering the “Enteq Way” involves 5 key steps: