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Subsea Electrical Analysis

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Project Background:

  • Performed electrical analysis on subsea control system for global EPC and Oil & Gas operator.
  • Field location Gulf of Mexico.


  • Determine EPU voltage that provides optimal SCM voltage for system load conditions.


  • Subsea transformer and SCM input voltage range.
  • Topside power system output voltage range.
  • Obtaining equipment parameters and data. 


  • Gathered input parameters for components (topside supply, jumpers, umbilicals, transformers and SCM)
  • Developed 3 phase and 1 phase analysis models. 
  • Verified existing system architecture. 
  • Analysed new system configurations.
  • Presented and clarified results.
  • Verified results against field data.
  • Advised client on design configurations.


  • Identified key design constraints.
  • Specified equipment parameters for procurement.
  • Highlighted existing SCMs are at risk of under voltage when energising control valves.
  • Recommended operating voltage to reduce risk of SCM under voltage when energising control valves.
"Thank you for the responses and clarifications. We really appreciate the fast turn around that has been provided throughout this analysis"
Subsea Controls Engineer - EPC Contractor