Enteq Engineering

Subsea Technology Qualification

A global subsea engineering procurement company contracted EnTeQ to re-qualify a subsea electronics module after modification.
The objective was to demonstrate product suitability for the intended environment and achieve technology readiness level (TRL) 4 status.   

The electronics module was operating in the later stages of its lifecycle and had to be upgraded because of product obsolescence. The client needed to complete the qualification programme in a short time frame to meet the demands of multiple projects.

Enteq’s team of “forensic engineering professionals” started by breaking down the project into key activities and then developed the qualification strategy and plan. Over a 6 month period, EnTeQ executed and managed the programme at the test facility on behalf of the client.

One major challenge was the shortage of test equipment. To overcome this problem, EnTeQ worked closely with the clients manufacturing group, coordinating activities to meet the demands of production and qualification testing.  

Enteq’s strategy was to qualify three units containing all types of electronic boards. This provided test coverage for all product variants, and saved the client from spending more time and money qualifying additional units on other projects.  

The test results demonstrated that the electronics module had met TRL 4 requirements.
The programme was completed within timescale and budget. This enabled the client to meet equipment demands on multiple projects