Enteq Engineering

"Delivering Systems Engineering excellence that meets the needs and scale of your business"

EnTeQ is a Systems Engineering service company serving Energy, Military, Food and Beverage sectors. We operate within high availability and reliability, safety critical, and hazardous environments.

We work with asset operators, engineering companies and independent verification bodies to build safe, sustainable, and affordable systems for everyone.

EnTeQ is YOUR Systems Engineering partner – From concept to decommissioning we are here to support you and your business.

Whether its supporting your in house team, delivering engineering work packages, or end to end project delivery, we can adapt to suit the needs, scale and complexity of your project & business.

Our business management system is certified to ISO 9001.

Why work with EnTeQ ?

A Focussed Personalised Approach

EnTeQ understands that every customer and project are different:
We spend quality time with our customers to understand their individual needs at the start of every engagement
Our Systems Engineering approach is tailored, and continually monitored, to suit your project and business
We do not apply a 'one style fits all' methodology, but use a controlled process driven approach

Maximise Flexibility

We can adapt to suit the needs scale and complexity of your project and business:
Supporting your in-house team
Delivering engineering work packages or,
Complete outsourcing

One Stop Shop

Whatever your business needs we have it covered from end to end:
Assess technology maturity and readiness
Develop, execute and manage qualification programmes
The system from bottom to top meets stakeholder needs
The system from bottom to top meets the requirements
Systems, processes and procedures

Reduce Risk

We enable project succcess by reducing risk through:
Identifying & Defining:
Stakeholder needs, system boundaries and requirements
Project barriers and risks
Open & Transparent:
Work practices
Technology Qualification:
Assessing technology maturity and readiness
Demonstrating suitability for intended application and environment
System Health Management:
Early identification of critical components and failure modes
Improved visibility of faults and functional failures
Informed maintenance and operational decision making
Proactive supply chain management