Enteq Engineering

Values & Principles


Our mission and objectives are delivered through our business values:


Customer Relationships

Developing strong relationships is vital in understanding the needs and expectations of our customers and, for providing a valued customer experience.

People & Collaboration

Our people are the heart of the business that shape our culture and make it successful. Working together we overcome complex challenges and provide value to our customers.


We place trust in our people to deliver work according to our processes, values and principles. By giving people responsibility and rewarding them for their efforts this drives personal development and adds value.

Knowledge & Competency

Are important personal and business attributes for developing safe and efficient solutions. As a business we are focused on ensuring our people have the knowledge and competence required to deliver quality services and products to our customers. 

Innovation & Creativity

We actively encourage new ideas, methodologies and use of technology so that we can optimise and improve our business, to benefit our customers. We work with academic institutions to bring new methods and technologies to industry, in order to improve safety, reliability, availability and efficiency.  


Our principles guide the conduct of our business:


We strive to conduct our business safely and ensure our systems are inherently safe by design, to protect our employees, customers, stakeholders and shareholders. 

Reliability & Quality

Are integrated through our leadership and processes to ensure we deliver systems and solutions that are safe and dependable over the life of an asset, setting us apart from market competition.


We operate our business ethically no matter the location and circumstances, guided by our values and principles at all times. 


Being open and honest are the foundations of our relationships, through which we develop the trust of our employees, customers, stakeholders and shareholders.


By spending quality time with our customers to understand / define their needs and requirements, we provide them with optimum solutions.


We understand that analysis of alternative solutions is a necessary part of identifying the optimum solution for a given project or application.